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An eco-friendly restaurant

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Some initiatives for ecology :

- Our glacier offers a range AB (Agriculture Biologique) more and more important, and is evaluating its degree of integration of sustainable development principles into its organization by AFNOR on the basis of the standard AFAQ 1000 NR
- Our vendors have set up shop tours optimized delivery over a real effort reductions editions of paper documents,
- Our supplier of vegetables requires all drivers training "eco-driving" in an objective and therefore fuel economy for a cleaner environment,
- In addition to offering a wide selection of products AB (Agriculture Biologique), our vegetable dish offers a range of "100% flavor" after a production called "integrated" using biological control methods and use more respectful of the environment.
- Our used cooking oil are collected by a certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
- We encourage the purchase of bottled water in glass bottles rather than glass lost. For bottles of wine glasses lost we initiate recycling.