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The skin is the protective envelope which defines the limits of our body in front of surrounding world. Subjected to multiple attacks, it needs an adapted and effective daily care.
Oil of massage Weleda consists exclusively of vegetable oil of excellent quality. Resulting from seed or from fruits collected in maturity, they are a real concentrated of solar energy.
Filled by invaluable substances such as essential fatty acids and vitamins, they support the vital exchanges and facilitate the reconstruction of the protective hydrolipidic movie.
Contrary to mineral oil stemming from the petrochemistry and occlusives for the skin, they present a real affinity with the skin, the alive fabric(tissue).
Enriched in extract of plants and in essential oil, perfumed quintessence of every plant, oil of massage Weleda offer a global care for the body and the spirit.

Ancestral technique, the massage is not only a therapeutic act and rééducatif but also a movement of relaxation and fitness.
The massage is wholesome in many situations of the everyday life which generate fatigue and stress. The repeated tensions settle at the level of the body, provoking fatigue and tiredness. A massage relieves not only the muscular but also mental tensions. The blockings give up, the energy circulates again and spreads in all the body.
Whatever is the popular purpose, the effects of the massage are beneficial for all whether it is practised by a professional either at home in self-massage. It is moreover quite particularly appreciated that sportsmen, who have to watch a sufficient heating and a recovery to avoid the traumatism and the accidents.