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Villa Spicy is the South with a capital ‘S’. Ochre walls float, louvered shutters in lavender, Doric columns and pilasters with Tuscan lines, rattan chairs and a veranda as though you are in a traditional villa… exotic and timeless all at once. Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, a popular destination for executives and business people arriving from the Champs-Elysees, the gallery's neighbors Avenue Matignon.


Villa Spicy is a place where one feels good, just like home. The cooking, decorating, through to the exemplary service, everything is natural with no false pretensions. 

Here, of course the sun has an appointment with the plate. The "spicy" here is rather soft and gentle with scents of summer evenings. Food marries with the intentions of the decor… eloping together in a flurry of flavours, imagination and a desire to travel. 

The wine list is in unison. The best bottles from the southern hemisphere (Chile, Uruguay, South Africa, Australia) are a beautiful accompaniment to an intelligent selection of Bordeaux wines.


Wellness and nature: Villa Spicy advocates a proactive engagement in sustainable development. Positive action translates into a partnership with producers who are guarantors of the biological and organoleptic quality of their products. Check out our organic detox menu on our menu.