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In 1992, Christian Guignard, looking for new themes, associated with Maite Marquebieille, Jacki and Dudemaine Chef Hervé Dos Santos, opened the apartment, then a few years later, 15 December 1997, Spicy. Despite his Anglo-Saxon name, Spicy is originally a restaurant based on the rotisserie and white meats. Far from its original definition, the name Spicy evokes both a cheering and warmful atmosphere.

At the beginning the decor was based on clear wood, warm colors and light broilers. Decor was signed by Robert Dupuch, Francis Wapler and Miguel Cancio Martins, the authors of many Parisian restaurants as popular as Quay West Buddha Bar, Barfly and L'Appart.

In 2001 the restaurant has been taken by Jean-Philippe and Pierre-Francois Blanc who still animate it.

In 2007, the decor has been completely reinterpreted by designers Roland Le Bevillon and Maurice Savinel to make a real villa, like a charming and spacious Mediterranean residence. On this occasion the restaurant was renamed Villa Spicy.

Once seated, the mind escapes somewhere in the South. A breath of pure oxygen, a ray of sunshine in the heart of Paris ...

Food is also intended as an invitation to relax and escape. Villa Spicy is now serving a detox menu at 40 euros, based on antioxidant ingredient. More classic, there are also two lunch formulas (18 € including a large salad or 23 € with a two course lunch).
On the evenings, the restaurant is serving a full set menu at 33 euros (starter - main course - dessert)

The cellar offers a fine selection of Bordeaux wines and Cotes de Provence, and a wide selection of wines from all over the world (Chile, South Africa, Australia and even Uruguay).

Villa Spicy use to serve senior executives and parisian gallerist from the Champs-Elysees, and all those who love to come here to relax.

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